Congratulations! We love hearing that our patients are going to be new parents because it is such an exciting time for families. By now you’re probably digging into all sorts of websites and books to learn about what you should and should not do for the next nine months! There is more information out there than you could ever use, but one piece of advice we completely agree with: schedule a dental appointment!

There are a lot of changes going on in your body right now, and most of those changes are directly related to the increase in hormonal activity. You’ll see it in your skin, the amount of time you want to sleep, and your general attitude towards others. You’ll also see it in your gums. Gums are more sensitive and more susceptible to gum disease while you are pregnant. This is a big problem because gum disease is also linked to preterm births.

Maintaining Oral Health

Flossing and brushing have never been more important. To protect yourself from gum disease, you’ll need to maintain those daily routines, but you’ll also need to schedule dental appointments. Try to schedule one early in your pregnancy, and another later in your pregnancy to ensure that everything is in good shape for your delivery! Once your new baby comes, you’ll be pretty busy, and a dental appointment will be the last thing on your mind!

Dental appointments while pregnant are very important when it comes to protecting your baby from preterm birth, and keeping your mouth comfortable. Contact us today to set up your appointments. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we definitely can’t wait to see you and your bump!