Many patients will come to a day when they need to make a decision about how to completely restore their natural teeth. Dentures are a great restoration tool, but they have some problems as well. Even with those problems, dentures tend to be a popular choice. Patients love the ease of caring for their dentures as well as the confidence they feel when smiling with their new mouth! In many cases, dentures look better than their natural teeth! So what happens when those dentures start to become uncomfortable?

Now that the patient is wearing dentures full-time, he (or she) might start noticing some discomfort from their dentures. Dentures tend to slip and slide around the mouth leading to painful, sore gums and possibly an embarrassing “lost my teeth” moment! The culprit isn’t the dentures themselves, but the fact that your jawbone changes shape once your natural teeth have all been removed. Over time, your dentures will stop fitting correctly, and you’ll need some form of dental help to get your dentures to a place of comfort again. That’s where we step in.

An Implant Solution for Dentures

Dental implants are normally used to replace missing teeth, and we can definitely do that in our office, but implants are also available to stabilize your dentures! We can place a few implants that will hold your dentures in place. You’ll walk out of our office with a secure, steady bite that will enable you to eat more of the foods you love without worrying about your denture losing it’s place in your mouth! This added confidence can be a game-changer for many denture wearers!

Don’t accept that your dentures will slip around. Do something about it! Use implant retained dentures to secure your smile so that you don’t have to worry about your dentures anymore! Contact us today to learn more about this procedure, and let us show you how comfortable your dentures could be!