Dr. Hucklebridge: When I was 15, I decided that I was looking at art and science, and I like both of them. So, I thought that dentistry would probably be a good combination of both of them.

Narrator: In the 20 years since, Dr. Hucklebridge has raised his medical expertise to an art form as technology has changed.

Dr. Hucklebridge: With the advent of the new porcelains, materials, bonding agents, that’s what’s really catapulted dentistry into the cosmetic arena. My emphasis, in my practice, is cosmetic dentistry. That’s where my passion is. Do I practice general dentistry? Absolutely. As far as the type of dentistry that I like to do, smile makeovers, Invisalign, clear braces, implants, teeth whitening, those are all components of cosmetic dentistry, and that’s what we emphasis in our practice.

Narrator: Dr. Hucklebridge and his staff are intent on helping each patient decide what will bring the best result.

Stephanie: We try to treat all of our patients like they are part of our family. He treats, and I treat, our patients like they’re family members – how we’d want our family to be treated.

Dr. Hucklebridge: I like to do everything. As far as the number one procedure that is my favorite, I would have to say full mouth reconstruction. Taking someone that has that debilitated smile, someone who’s had self-confidence issues, esteem issues, and completely revamping that smile and making that person proud to smile and giving them self-esteem that they never had.

Narrator: Like this patient.

Dr. Hucklebridge: Jason came to me. Actually, I was called in the middle of the night. Jason had an accident. He lost several teeth in the front along with some bone. So, along with working with some excellent specialist here in town, we went in and did some bone augmentation. We had to do some tissue augmentation on top of the bone. We actually had to go in and temporize Jason for months. Once all that healed, we were actually able to place the implants in the areas that we had removed the teeth, and then we had to wait for that to heal. Once that healed, we went in and restored him with porcelain crowns on teeth that we could save, and implant crowns on teeth that we couldn’t. The case turned out great.

Jason: I come to John, and I don’t stray from that, because he is the ultimate perfectionist. He absolutely demands that every bit of my mouth, from the guns, to the teeth, to the shape, to the color, has got to be perfect.

Carolyn: He’s not satisfied until he has it just right, and even if he thinks it’s fine he wants to make sure you like it.

Stephanie: We do see only one patient at a time. Dr. Hucklebridge may have to excuse himself to a hygiene patient, but he’s not doing any other treatment up against our patients.

Dr. Hucklebridge: I never aspired to have the model of dentistry where I was going from room to room. I want my one-hundred percent focus to be on the patient that I’m with at that period of time, and from start to finish and run on time, so my next patient doesn’t wait. It’s worked out well the way I want to practice. You know, I love what I do, and I just absolutely love it.

Jason: I’ve done the due diligence for you. Just walk in there and you’ll walk out happy.