Today’s consumers have access to thousands of teeth whitening products. These products range from toothpastes to whitening pens to laser power whitening. Some are available in the drug store, some online, and some are only available through a dental professional. How do you choose the product and method that is best for you?

For tough dental stains, our cosmetic dentist recommends Zoom! Teeth Whitening. For predictable and impressive results, a professional teeth whitening session in our Plano office is typically in your best interest. Rather than waste precious dollars by experimenting with one-size-fits-all whiteners, Zoom! Whitening is customized to the contours of your teeth and gums.

Your cosmetic dentist can identify the source of your discoloration as well as any factors that may influence the outcome of the procedure. For example, existing dental restorations will remain unchanged after the whitening procedure. Your dentist is available to discuss your options for these areas to ensure that your fillings, bonding, and crowns match the shade of your new, white teeth. Tough stains from medications, foods, and beverages can require a focused and concentrated approach only deliverable through power whitening.

Using a specially formulated whitening solution that is activated by the patented Zoom! blue light, impurities in the enamel are safely bleached away. This technique is safe for both the teeth and the gums. There is no etching or damage to the enamel. Most patients report little to no tooth sensitivity following the procedure. In fact, the procedure can be repeated as frequently as necessary in order to maintain your fresh, white smile. This frequency may be different for each patient, depending upon your individual expectations and lifestyle habits.

There are times when tough dental stains and discolorations require professional attention. Trust our experienced dental team at Plano Smile Studio to eradicate and eliminate these stains with the power of Zoom! Teeth Whitening. Call 972-398-2550 for your appointment to discuss how teeth whitening can help you to love your smile again.