When the decay on your tooth goes from moderate to severe, it’s likely that your Plano dentist will perform endodontic therapy on you. Endodontic therapy entails removing the tissues that cause you to suffer from severe toothache, granting you the privilege to once again enjoy your meals and sleep soundly at night. But more importantly, it makes a tooth extraction unnecessary, saving you the trouble of having to put up with all of the difficulties that tooth loss brings.

To help you overcome endodontic therapy, we have enumerated a few tips that you must follow to the letter:
Pre-endodontic therapy:

• Deprive yourself of solid foods a few days before your procedure. Eating only ice cream, yogurt, and soup a few days prior to your procedure makes it possible for your affected tooth to get the rest that it needs.
• Abstain from aspirins 10 days before your procedure.
• Throw smoking and drinking out of the window 12 hours before your procedure. It’s imperative that you lay off cigarettes and alcoholic beverages 12 hours before your procedure as nicotine and alcohol can negatively affect the local anesthetic’s effectiveness.
• Brush, floss, and rinse on a daily basis. Consistently practicing good oral hygiene before undergoing endodontic therapy prevents harmful bacteria from coming in contact with your surgical wound.
Post-endodontic therapy:
• Don’t chew on the side where your surgical wound is located. This keeps your affected tooth from hurting more.
• Refrain from smoking. Smoking can result to a much longer healing time for your surgical wound.

Dr. John Hucklebridge can provide you with more tips on overcoming endodontic therapy. Just contact us to schedule an appointment with him.