Getting your family excited about healthy eating is easier said than done, especially when you have kids! Yet, parents have been getting around the sighs and groans for decades by making healthy food attractive to their kids. We sometimes cut it into funny shapes or serve it with a special dipping sauce. We do whatever we can to get our kids to eat well, and we should do the same when it comes to beverage choices.

Juice and sports drinks seem a lot healthier than soft drinks because they are, but they still aren’t really healthy. The amount of sugar in those drinks is astounding, and kids who drink a lot of these beverages will see decay. The best beverage to drink throughout the day is water, but how do you convince your child to give up the juice for water? Be creative!

Creative Water Solutions

Getting kids excited about water is all about making water exciting, at least at first. You know your child, so you know what will work best. We see parents putting water in special pitchers in the fridge so that it’s a special drink. Maybe using special shaped ice cubes or a special cup will do the trick. If your child loves fruit, why not toss some fruit into the water pitcher? Frozen strawberries or apples, or even fresh would do the trick!
Once you make water fun and exciting, you will see a family that is more willing to drink more water. Maybe you don’t like water. Look online and find recipes for adding some flavor to water without adding sugar or calories! Contact us to set up your next appointment. We can’t wait to hear about your success!