Sedation dentistry is becoming increasingly popular among dentists and their patients alike. Many patients need the comfort of the deeply relaxing medications to overcome dental anxiety.

When providing sedation, the dentist is administering an anti-anxiety drug to help put the patient at ease. Patients may feel as though they’re asleep while under sedation—and they won’t remember anything afterward—but they’re actually conscious the entire time. This is why many patients prefer sedation to general anesthesia.

Sedation, which is almost always accompanied by a local anesthetic, can be useful in varying circumstances, and the need for sedation dentistry may be unique to that particular patient. Especially fearful patients may need sedation in order to be able to undergo a procedure as simple as a routine cleaning.

Patients facing lengthy procedures or multiple interventions can also benefit from sedation, which will allow them to tolerate longer appointments.

Once you’ve decided on sedation, you will need to choose your preferred method. The medications can be delivered intravenously or in pill form. Patients can also inhale gaseous nitrous oxide for a sedative effect. Each method has different characteristics. Some take effect more quickly, for example. Discuss the different methods with your dentist in advance so that you can select the one that meets your most important requirements.

It’s also important to know what you will need to do to prepare for sedation and what to expect afterward. Patients who opt for IV sedation will need to fast for several hours before the appointment. Those who prefer oral sedatives will need to give the pill enough time to take effect before the scheduled procedure.

Furthermore, all patients who use sedation will need to have someone accompany them home from the appointment. The effects of the medication won’t wear off in enough time for you to drive.

Patients who have avoided the dentist out of fear or anxiety are encouraged to consider sedation dentistry to help them get the dental care they need. Patients facing complex procedures may also benefit from this approach to dental care.

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