Cosmetic dentistry is great! Patients come to us from all around to get the best look for their smile, and we are more than happy to oblige! Sometimes, though, a cosmetic procedure can seem overwhelming. It sounds kind of painful, or the price tag is a bit too much to swallow. If your imperfections are minor, we can still improve the look of your teeth by using dental bonding. This form of cosmetic dentistry is perfect for minor improvements to the smile, and the price tag is much easier to look at! Since you’re at Plano Smile Studio, you know the work will be done right!

Small cracks, chips, gaps, and discolorations can make you feel uncomfortable when you smile. You lose your confidence when you aren’t comfortable smiling, and people start to notice your discomfort. You don’t have to undergo major dental work to correct a small problem like that! We can take care of minor blemishes in one simple appointment with one simple solution, and you’ll leave our offices feeling noticeably more confident!

There’s Nothing To It!

Getting a great look has never been this easy! We simply use our dental bonding material to improve the look of your teeth! Dental bonding is a composite material that we can manipulate to be the exact same shade as your natural teeth! It is pliable, so we can make it fit wherever it is needed. We will apply the material to your tooth, harden the bonding, and then polish your tooth so that no one will know where the bonding is! You will even have trouble finding the material in your smile!

There’s no need for sedation or anesthesia because dental bonding is completely pain-free! You’ll be pleased with your improved smile, and we’ll enjoy helping you feel more confident! Don’t wait any longer to get the smile of your dreams. Dental bonding can make that happen without breaking the bank! Contact us today to set up an appointment, and let us know what you want for your smile! We’d love to help you achieve all of your smile goals!