During pregnancy, it’s important to protect your overall health, and that certainly includes your dental health. In fact, it is recommended that women who are planning to become pregnant should be free from cavities and gum disease prior to conceiving.

In preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy, and during the months following the birth, your dentist is prepared to provide the appropriate dental care for your changing needs. Current research has shown a strong link between certain dental diseases and the outcome of the pregnancy. Studies indicate an increase in the incidence rate of low birth-weight babies and pre-term deliveries in mothers who have uncontrolled periodontal disease.

Aside from gum disease, there are a number of other dental conditions that are frequently seen during pregnancy:

·  Hormonal changes can lead to bleeding and inflammation (careful, but thorough plaque control each day can minimize inflammation)
·  Frequent eating and snacking can contribute to an increased risk for tooth decay (diligent brushing and flossing to remove plaque and food particles are essential during this time)
·  Acid reflux and nausea can lead to acid erosion and cavities (drinking or rinsing with water and chewing sugarless gum helps to neutralize harmful acids)
·  Dry mouth due to inflamed nasal passages and nighttime mouth breathing can lead to inflamed gums and tooth decay (increasing the water intake or using saliva substitutes will help to keep the tissues moisturized)

A large part of maintaining excellent dental health during pregnancy is based on effective homecare and regularly scheduled dental visits. Though pregnancy is a busy and exciting time, it’s no time to avoid or postpone your dental care. You’ll need a strong support system in order to protect your health as well as the health of your new bundle of joy. With your dentist as part of your support system, you can keep your teeth healthy during your pregnancy and beyond. For your complete examination and checkup, call Plano Smile Studio at 972-398-2550.