Wearing your crowns has so far been a great experience for you. First of all, they replace your missing teeth, making it possible for you to go to public places without concerning yourself about what other people might think of your physical appearance. Secondly, they improve your ability to bite and chew your food, granting you the freedom to sink your teeth into a mouth-watering leg of turkey or a slice of pizza. Aside from that, they fix your garbled speech, allowing you to express yourself with the utmost clarity. But more importantly, they prevent your remaining natural teeth from drifting to the open spaces in your mouth, making it highly unlikely for you to experience further tooth loss. With all of these benefits that your crowns give you, you should see to it that they remain damage-free.

To help you keep your crowns in perfect shape, we have enumerated some guidelines that you must strictly comply with:

• Maintain a clean set of teeth. Despite being artificial teeth, your crowns aren’t immune to bacterial infection. Therefore, you should maintain a clean set of teeth by religiously practicing good oral hygiene.
• Don’t exert too much force in chewing your food. Chewing your food with too much force can cause your crowns to crack.
• Stay away from hard foods. When you eat hard foods like hard candy, chips, and nuts, you may end up dislocating or breaking your crowns.
• Avoid eating sticky foods. Sticky foods such as caramel, gum, and jelly beans can loosen your crowns, increasing their chances of falling off.
• Never take anything hot and cold simultaneously. Since your crowns are made of porcelain, consuming hot and cold foods or beverages at the same time puts them at serious risk of breaking.
• Find time to visit a professional. Seeing your Plano dentist every once in a while gives him an opportunity to provide your crowns additional protection through excellent dental treatment.

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