A dental restoration is what we use to replace a missing tooth in your mouth. Teeth come out for any number of reasons, not limited to injury, disease, or decay. When they come out, it’s important to replace them with a restoration so that your jaw can continue to function in the way that it is supposed to. Teeth help not only with chewing, but also with speech and of course, smiling! One missing tooth can do a lot of damage if left alone, so we always recommend that you get a dental restoration.

The problem is that not all restorations are created equally. Some restorations are less expensive up front, which makes them attractive, and they will do the job for a while. The problem is that in 10-15 years, that restoration will need to be replaced. At that point, you get to pay for your restoration, again. Instead of fooling with that, we often recommend that you invest in the best restoration upfront, and never worry about it again! That’s the magic of a dental implant.

A Dental Implant Lasts

When we place a dental implant in your mouth, there is a 96% chance that it will stay there. We fully expect it to stay there for the rest of your life, assuming that you take care of your teeth, of course. While the cost may not be as attractive as that of other restorations, you have to understand that those other restorations probably aren’t going to last for the rest of your life. The titanium post of the implant will fuse with your bone, creating a permanent solution for your missing tooth.

Don’t pay for a restoration over and over again for the rest of your life. Invest in a permanent solution, and then don’t worry about it! Take good care of your dental implant, and you can expect it to last until the end of your days. Contact us today to learn more, and let us know what your questions are!