It is very common for dental practices to receive patients who deal with varying degrees of dental anxiety. Dental anxiety affects a good size of the population, from children to grown men and women. It is a feeling of dread one experiences when faced with the prospect of seeing the dentist. This feeling may also be accompanied by physical sensations like excessive sweating, a quickened heart rate and an upset stomach. It often happens when people anticipate pain or if they have had a negative past experience with dentist that they do not want to go through again.

Dental anxiety dissuades people from seeking timely and adequate treatment when symptoms of dental problems arise. They would rather endure these symptoms rather than go to the dentist and overcome their anxiety. Those who manage to bring themselves to a dental office may be difficult for dentists to handle.

There are a number of ways through which patients can overcome dental anxiety so that dentists can conduct procedures quickly and more efficiently.

Sedation dentistry is a service wherein your Plano dentist administers a sedative on patients with anxiety. This involves a safe but effective dose of Diazepam or valium which helps the patient calm down for the procedure. This is non-addictive and the effects of the drug wear off within an hour or so after the procedure.

Plano Smile Studio also offers a relaxing ambience for patients who suffer from anxiety. The dental office has a spa-like ambience with Zen interior design, mood music and dim lighting. This makes patients feel like they are in a resort and not a clinic, which takes away some of the anxiety. For inquiries, contact us.