Cosmetic dentistry is popular for a simple reason. It can help anyone’s smile look better.
As much as you might like getting a new outfit or a new pair of shoes, your smile is something that you bring with you every day. Many things can cause you to become self-conscious about that smile. Perhaps you have chipped or worn down teeth. Maybe you have a cavity or two.
If these problems are visible when you open your mouth, you may find yourself trying to avoid smiling rather than sharing your smile with your family, friends, and coworkers.
If you live in or near Dallas or Plano, TX, then help is close. Contact Plano Smile Studio and ask about our cosmetic services. Ask if dental bonding could correct your problems.
What Is Dental Bonding?
Dental bonding is the application of a composite resin to your teeth. This resin is the same color as your teeth. It can be used to repair problems discreetly.
This is a great solution for individuals who have relatively minor problems with their smiles. By offering this service, we have a way to help people no matter the severity of their issues with their teeth.
Dental bonding is an alternative to amalgam materials that have been used for a long time. Amalgam is made with a blend of mercury and other metals (copper, silver, and tin). We do want to point out that the American Dental Association has said that amalgam fillings are safe to use.
The primary difference between the composite resin we use for dental bonding and amalgam is the way it affects the appearance of your teeth. The resin blends in while the amalgam stands out.
How Is Dental Bonding Used?
The composite resin used for dental bonding can be used in multiple ways. We will go over some examples below.
◼︎ Cavities
Cavities happen to most of us. Indeed, more than 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity during their lives. The typical treatment for this is to give you a filling.
From a functional standpoint, amalgam and white fillings serve the same purpose. After the decay is removed from your tooth, either material can be used to fill the space. This protects your tooth from new infections (until the filling needs to be replaced).
The amalgam filling with its metallic appearance is basically calling attention to the fact that you had a cavity. On the other hand, a white filling can restore the original appearance of your tooth and your smile.
◼︎ Chipped Teeth
This may depend on the size of the chip in your tooth. A large chip may require a dental crown to repair correctly.
However, dental bonding is a fast and effective way to repair smaller chips. The material can be used to rebuild your tooth to its original shape, and when it is hardened, it will function much like any other tooth, too.
◼︎ Cracked Teeth
This is another problem that may be fixable with dental bonding, depending on the severity of the crack. Dental bonding can be an effective treatment for smaller cracks.
Larger cracks may require a dental crown. Endodontic treatment may be needed based on the size and location of the crack.
◼︎ Misshapen Teeth
This may be the purest example of dental bonding used for a cosmetic purpose. When you are receiving a filling or fixing a chipped or cracked tooth, the white filling material is serving a restorative purpose as well.
With a misshapen tooth, the tooth can be perfectly healthy but look out of place because it did not develop the way that most teeth do. By applying dental bonding material, your tooth will “fit in” better with the rest of your smile.
◼︎ Discolored Tooth
While tooth staining can be a common issue throughout your mouth, sometimes individual teeth can become discolored as well. In some cases, a single tooth may develop an uneven coloration.
Dental bonding can be used to hide that discolored tooth and give it an even and natural appearance.
How Do You Like Your Smile?
Every person should be happy with his or her smile. If you have something you would like to change, call Plano Smile Studio to find out more about how we can help.
Dental bonding is one way that cosmetic dentistry can give you back the smile that you once had or give you the smile that you wish you had. To make your appointment with our dentist in Plano, TX, call [phone_number] or fill out our online form.