There are some dental procedures that patients hope they’ll never have to experience. A root canal is probably at the top of that list, followed closely by a tooth extraction. Losing a tooth as a kid is one thing, but having a dentist pull a tooth is something else entirely. Here at Plano Smile Studio, we make extractions as easy as we can with the assistance of sedation dentistry.

Reasons for Extractions

Extractions can happen for any number of reasons. We sometimes do a dental extraction for patients whose tooth is beyond repair due to infection or decay, but more often we remove teeth to make more room in the mouth. Sometimes wisdom teeth need to come out, or teeth that would hinder orthodontic treatment. Of course, if you are making the switch the dentures, we need to remove any remaining teeth.


Having an extraction can be completely comfortable. We will use an anesthetic around the tooth to be extracted, but we can also make you feel more comfortable by providing you with sedation. The sedative will make you feel more relaxed while we work, providing the perfect environment for an otherwise stressful experience.

We try to achieve the most comfortable Dental Extraction possible, and we succeed for almost all of our patients. Contact us to learn more about extractions and why it might be necessary for you. We’d love to talk about it with you!