Why choose an award-winning cosmetic dentist?
Patients who pursue cosmetic dentistry treatments want to do their best to ensure optimal outcomes, and part of this process involves choosing a treatment provider. When selecting a cosmetic dentist, you want a professional with years of hands-on experience and an in-depth knowledge of the most innovative interventions available to patients.

For guidance in choosing a specialist, you can also turn to rankings and accreditations awarded by certain professional organizations, such as the International Association of Dentists (IAD), as further evidence of your preferred dentist’s qualifications.

The IAD recently named our practice’s cosmetic dentist, Dr. John Hucklebridge, as one of its top dentists in Plano for 2017. This honor recognizes Dr. Hucklebridge’s success and leadership in the dental profession. Only the top 1-2 percent of dentists are nominated for this acclaim.

This latest award is just one of many accolades that Dr. Hucklebridge has received in the two-plus decades that he has been practicing dentistry. He is also a fellow of the American Academy of General Dentistry, and his peers chose him as one of Plano’s best cosmetic dentists in a listing compiled by D Magazine.

In preparing for his career, Dr. Hucklebridge has dedicated himself to completing an extensive, ongoing educational regimen. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Baylor University, and he is a graduate of Baylor’s dental school as well. Additionally, Dr. Hucklebridge continues to update his knowledge base by completing continuing education coursework and serving as a clinical research evaluator of various new dental products.

You may be wondering how Dr. Hucklebridge’s awards and professional training affect your care. A cosmetic dentistry practitioner must have thorough knowledge of the techniques and treatments used in the specialty. Keeping current on recent developments is essential, as is communicating with other cosmetic dental specialists.

Experience is also important in this specialty. Cosmetic dentists hone their skills by working on a wide variety of patient cases. At your consultation, ask to see results from a case similar to yours.

Dr. Hucklebridge’s in-depth knowledge of advanced dental technology gives him the skill set needed to provide interventions in a range of areas, including aesthetic dentistry, comprehensive restorations, sedation dentistry and dental implant placement. Contact Plano Smile Studio calling at 972-398-2550 and schedule a consultation to see if Dr. Hucklebridge’s award-winning skills can benefit you.