When you first get your dentures, you will feel fantastic! After all, you’ve been living with a problem smile for quite some time, and the dentures will greatly improve that situation. You’ll finally be able to enjoy some foods again, and your spirits will be high. It won’t be long before you discover that the fit of your dentures isn’t all that you thought it was. This event will begin your dentures’ lifetime of routine fittings.

It’s surprising to us that some denture wearers don’t take the time to have fittings done. Every patient, at some point, will need the fit of their dentures adjusted because when you don’t have teeth, your jawbone changes shape. By avoiding these appointments, the patient is choosing to have ill-fitting dentures, which will lead to painful sores from dentures that slip all the time. Dentures that aren’t fitted properly will not be comfortable to wear and will make things like chewing and speaking very difficult.

The Wise Path of Denture Fittings

When your natural teeth are gone, there are no roots to hold your bone in place, and so it begins to lose mass and change shape. This changes the fit of your dentures, causing the need for an adjustment. We can check the fit of your dentures at each of your routine appointments, or you can call us if you notice a change in fit before you are scheduled to return. We will adjust your teeth so that they fit close to your gums once again, leaving you with your confident smile!

Denture patients who refuse to come in for appointments will soon suffer the consequences of poorly-fitting dentures and all of the discomfort that comes with that. Contact us today to set up your next appointment. Let us know how your dentures are feeling, and we’ll take a look as well. If any improvements can be made, we will take care of them!