We speak a lot about dental implants here at Plano Smile Studio. We know that there is tremendous power behind this restoration that can absolutely transform your smile! The problems that used to be the end of your smile are now simple bumps in the road.

In fact, the loss of teeth is incredibly common for older adults. We estimate that about two-thirds of adults will deal with some sort of tooth loss! Losing your adult teeth affects the way you eat, speak, and how confident you feel smiling!

Throughout the lifespan of our website, we have written several times about dental implants. We decided it was time to create a guide to implants by combining some of that old information into one place so that if you are considering a dental implant, you know just where to look!

Why a Dental Implant?

You might wonder why a dental implant is so great. After all, aren’t there other dental restorations that work just as well? Other restorations don’t have nearly the same results or strength. Let’s take a look at a few specific topics below.

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Caring for Your Implant

Once the implant is in, you want to make sure that it stays in place! That requires care, which is why we also want to include a couple of blogs about caring for your dental implants!

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We are really excited for you to be considering the power of a dental implant. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to learn more, give us a call! We are here to help you get the best dental care for your smile, and we can’t wait to begin.