If a healthy body is important to you, you might devote a great deal of your time to working out, eating right, and other activities that are geared to better physical fitness. However, a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth, and neglecting your oral health can derail your efforts and sabotage your long-term health.

Just as you may turn to your physician, chiropractor, or Pilates instructor for help with your physical fitness regimen, don’t forget that your dentist has a lot to contribute as well. With just one dental visit, you will discover that you have access to the personalized oral health information that could literally save your life.

Keeping your mouth healthy is a responsibility that can be achieved by keeping it free from plaque and tarter, cavities, and even missing teeth. Almost every form of dental disease comes with consequences that can eventually impact the rest of your body, including your heart and your immune system.

Our bodies function best when inflammation is reduced or eliminated. Unfortunately, gum disease is marked by chronic inflammation. Bleeding and swollen gums are the hallmarks of gum disease (periodontal disease), and the long-term irritation can send your immune system into a tailspin. In fact, as your immune system fights to unsuccessfully control the bacterial infection, it is unable to ward off the other factors that could threaten your health. During this time, you are more likely to get sick, suffer from complications with diabetes and pregnancy, have a stroke, or a heart attack.

Other illnesses such as oral cancer that may start in the mouth or throat can progress quickly and without your knowledge to affect other parts of your body.

Did you know that tooth loss is also considered to be a form of dental disease? Missing teeth can signal a decline in your health since it directly affects your ability to receive proper nutrition as well as chew and digest your food.

Whole health includes your oral health. To find out more about where you stand, contact Plano Smile Studio at 972-398-2550​ to set up a dental appointment today.