Ask any implant dentist: the major appeal of the dental implant as a tooth replacement option is its versatility. Implants are used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth, or even an entire arch. Implants can be used to create a fixed bridge or to stabilize removable partials and dentures.

For denture wearers, your Plano implant dentist will tell you that implants are a perfect option for edentulous patients. Implants can completely transform your denture experience by anchoring your denture to the jaw bone.

In any instance where a natural tooth is missing, there is the inevitable issue of bone loss. For patients who are missing all of the upper or lower teeth, the concern about bone loss multiplies exponentially. Typically, when a denture is created, it is designed to fit the shape and contour of the gums and bone. Over time, as the gums grow softer and bone loss occurs, the denture no longer fits. Although bone loss is a natural occurrence where there are missing teeth, living with an ill-fitting denture is anything but natural.

As the structures of the mouth begin to change shape and size, denture wearers are faced with slipping, sliding dentures that rub the soft tissue of the mouth. The resulting irritation can deter some patients from smiling, speaking and even eating comfortably.

Like natural teeth, implants are directly anchored to the jaw bone, effectively stopping bone loss. By preserving the bone, there is no risk that the implant will move or shift. Your implant dentist can then fabricate a denture that firmly attaches to the implant. According to your needs, the implants and denture can be designed in a variety of ways.

With the predictability, longevity, and versatility of dental implants, it’s no surprise that implant dentists have been able to use the procedure to improve the function and fit of ill-fitting dentures. It is unfortunate whenever a tooth is lost and devastating when all of the teeth are missing. By combining implants and dentures, edentulous patients can look forward to the comfort and security of a full set of teeth.

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