If you catch yourself clenching your teeth while you work, or even grinding them together when you deal with a stressful situation, you might be showing signs of bruxism. Bruxism is another work for teeth grinding, and while you might notice it during the day, it tends to show itself more at night while you are sleeping. Bruxism can cause a lot of damage if it is allowed to continue. Because of this, we recommend that you try some of the preventive dental care solutions below:

Relaxation Techniques – Since bruxism is often associated with stress, we recommend practicing relaxation techniques before bed or while you are at work. Deep breathing and meditation can often relax your muscles, eliminating the impulse to bite down.

Warm Compresses – Another method for relaxing muscles is with a warm compress. Place it along your jawbone from your ear down to your chin to relax the muscles engaged in clenching your teeth. You can do this before bed or when you feel stressed.

Nightguards – Because bruxism normally occurs at night, we recommend using a nightguard while you sleep. This gives your teeth something to bite down on without causing tooth on tooth friction which can injure your teeth.

Bruxism is an issue that you’ll want to deal with sooner rather than later. Your jaw can experience serious damage if you aren’t able to stop grinding or clenching your teeth. Contact us today to set up an appointment where we can look for signs of bruxism. We can also give you more tips for ending this bad habit.