When you are thinking about beautifying your smile, it helps to first clarify your main objectives. What do you hope to accomplish with your cosmetic dental treatment? Do you hope to straighten, whiten, or balance your smile? There are lots of treatment choices that are designed to enhance various aspects of your smile, but your results will be most successful and most attractive when you choose one treatment option that can address multiple aspects at once.

For many patients, porcelain veneers are the answer to a long list of cosmetic challenges. They are a versatile choice that can provide you with nearly instant results that can keep you smiling beautifully for years. So, how can one cosmetic procedure satisfy so many desires for so many patients? Take a look at the characteristics of porcelain veneers:

Custom Shaping: Veneers can be shaped, down to the tiniest detail, to complement the rest of your smile. Whether your teeth are longer, wider, rounded, or squared, your cosmetic dentist can design one veneer or several veneers in shapes that appear natural and feel comfortable.

Custom Shading: Not all teeth are ultra-bright white. Some have yellowish, brown, or gray undertones. For the most realistic and natural look, you’ll want your veneers to blend well with the shade of your real teeth. This can be easily accomplished due to porcelain’s ability to be expertly shaded. Even very white veneers can be shaded to appear more or less translucent for a more natural result.

Space Management: Veneers are an efficient way to close gaps between the teeth or correct teeth that appear to be crowded together, all without braces or oral surgery.

Incredible Durability: The porcelain that is used to make veneers is exceptionally strong, an important characteristic since your teeth have hard work to do in addition to looking beautiful.

We are in an exciting new, modern age in dentistry in which you only need to state your goals and our cosmetic dentist can recommend the solutions that will help you to achieve them. Schedule a consultation today with Dr. John M. Hucklebridge to find out how porcelain veneers may be helpful.