There is just something about a wide, healthy smile that makes you feel as great as you look. That kind of full and open smile can light up your entire face, making you appear more pleasant and confident. But, what if you have all of your teeth and your smile just doesn’t “pop”? What are your options if you feel that your teeth are crowded together, making your smile appear more constricted than you would like?

Your cosmetic dentist will likely recommend veneers as an option for broadening your smile. In fact, veneers are the most commonly recommended and most frequently requested treatment solution for correcting a host of cosmetic flaws. If your smile doesn’t have the esthetic characteristics that you desire, you’ll be pleased to learn that your desires are not beyond your reach.

Without disrupting the roots of your natural teeth, veneers can be used to completely reshape the part of each tooth that shows when you speak or smile. For each front tooth, an individual porcelain veneer can be sculpted to change that tooth’s dimensions. Teeth can be made to look wider, longer, squared at the edges, rounded, or even shorter.

These dramatic and impressive changes to the front teeth can be achieved by laminating or bonding a very thin layer of porcelain to the front of each tooth. It is a permanent solution that can last for years with good oral hygiene habits and routine dental care. Porcelain is a strong restorative material that will not break down and separate from the tooth in the presence of normal foods and beverages. Plus, the texture, color, and strength of the porcelain is more similar to real enamel than any other restorative material.

A narrow smile can be easily widened and corrected with modern cosmetic solutions like veneers. In the process, you may wish to address the other factors that might be keeping your smile from looking its best. Fortunately, veneers are a dynamic solution that can resolve multiple issues at once.

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