By now, you may have started or even completed some spring cleaning.

This is always a good time of year to spruce up our homes and to get rid of those things that are just taking up space in your attic, basement, or garage.
Before you are finished, wrap up this annual exercise with a little something for yourself. Think of up it as spring cleaning for your mouth — a professional cleaning and examination paired with teeth whitening.
We all want our houses to look a little nicer, so why not do the same for your smile? Plano Smile Studio can help you make your teeth look their best.

Wear And Tear Is Normal

When you first moved into your house, it may have been immaculately clean. Most homes don’t stay that way. When we live in a place, we affect it. Over time, it becomes apparent which chair is our favorite and where we usually sit on the couch. We also see more wear on our carpets and floors in the areas where we walk most often. Even the exterior of our homes accumulate dirt and debris just by sitting on the street. In spite of these things, we try to keep our homes as clean as we can.
So, why not do something similar for your teeth? After all, your smile is with you everywhere you go. And just like our homes, our teeth show the normal wear and tear that come from everyday use. The foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink have an effect on the appearance of our teeth. If you have been drinking a morning coffee almost every morning for decades, your teeth will not stay pearly white. If you drink a lot of soft drinks, if you eat pasta, if you enjoy colorful fruits, each of them will leave a small trace behind on your teeth.
Most of the time this change is so gradual that we aren’t aware of it. Then, one day we are looking in the mirror, and our teeth are yellower than we realized. If you have reached that point, then we want to help.

Start With The Basics

If you were planning to repaint one of the rooms in your house, you would put down a primer first. This gets the walls ready to accept the new color. If you are planning to whiten your teeth, then it makes sense that you would want them to be prepared for what is coming. You can do that with a cleaning and examination at Plano Smile Studio. Cleanings and examinations are part of our preventive care, and this is the foundation of our practice. We want your teeth to remain as healthy as possible.
During your examination, we will take digital X-rays to monitor the condition of your teeth and to monitor any changes since your previous visit. We will check the health of your gums, and we will conduct an oral cancer screening because we know the importance of early detection. During your visit, our dentist or hygienist will give you a thorough and professional cleaning. We will remove any plaque or tartar buildup that you may have missed. We will clean between your teeth and gums, and we will polish your teeth to help them look better.

Get Whitened

After your cleaning is a great time for professional teeth whitening. You have your choice between our in-office whitening or our take-home whitening products. If you elect to undergo whitening in our office, we will use Zoom!, which is the top whitening product in the United States. In about one hour, we can improve the appearance of your teeth and, therefore, your smile.
To help you maintain your white smile, we will provide you with whitening trays that you can use for touch-ups between visits. Some people prefer to do their whitening at home. For them, we offer a take-home products. This can take a few weeks to complete, but the final results are comparable to what you will see with our in-office treatment.

See Your Best Smile

Our smiles, like our homes, are part of our personal expression. Our smiles are how we welcome friends old and new. Our smiles also affect how receptive other people are when they see us. Cleaning and whitening your teeth can make your more confident and more comfortable with your smile, and Plano Smile Studio is a great place to complete both of these services.
If live in or near Plano, TX, call at 972-398-2550 or fill out our online form to plan your spring cleaning for your smile.