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In last week’s blog post, we talked a little bit about which foods and drinks stain the enamel of your teeth. In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk a little bit about the options you have for removing stains from your teeth.

At the Plano Smile Studio, we offer a whole menu of Professional Teeth Whitening options. We’ll briefly describe these options in this blog, and we’re happy to offer any questions you may have these whitening solutions.

Professional Teeth Whitening Menu

Professional Teeth Whitening is just one of many services we offer to ensure to you can smile like a movie star. Before beginning any whitening program, we will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. We generally recommend you have your teeth cleaned in-office before undergoing Professional Teeth Whitening, this helps to ensure best results. On occasion we may need to treat tooth decay or other problems before you can safely begin a Professional Teeth Whitening program.

No matter your lifestyle and needs, we have a Professional Teeth Whitening solution to work for you. Professional Teeth Whitening can remove plaque, increase the whiteness of your teeth, and help you feel better about your appearance.

Zoom! Whitening System

Zoom! Whitening is our most popular whitening option. With Zoom! your teeth are treated with a professional strength whitening gel; after the gel has been painted on your teeth, we exposure to the special Zoom! whitening lamp. The light from the light helps to activate the whitening gel, ensuring quality results.

The procedure can be completed in one quick office visit. It is a painless procedure and the results are instant. We can have your teeth several shades whiter immediately after the procedure; this makes it ideal if need to look good in a hurry for a wedding or other event.

Our Zoom! package includes plaque removal from your teeth, the in-office Zoom! procedure, a supply of take-home whitening gel, and a set of custom trays to be used for the procedure and for aftercare maintenance whitening. The supply of take-home materials helps to ensure you get the results you desire, and that your teeth remain white as snow.

NiteWhite Whitening System

NiteWhite is an affordable option which you can do at home, and at your own convenience. NiteWhite whitens with a custom set of trays and whitening gel. You simply insert the whitening gel into the whitening trays and place them in your mouth. It’s really that simple!

NiteWhite requires you to wear your whitening trays for a hour at a time, once or twice a day. It can deliver amazing results in just a week or two. This makes it an ideal option if you have some time before you need your teeth to look whiter and brighter, or prefer to do your whitening at home.

Unlike other take-home whitening systems you find in stores, NiteWhite uses a professional strength whitening gel. This professional strength product is specially formulated to deliver amazing results in very little time, all without irritating your gums or making your mouth sore.

NiteWhite Touch-Up System

If you’ve previously undergone Professional Whitening, the NiteWhite Touch-up package is an extremely affordable way to keep your teeth looking white. Everyday things like red wine, soda, and cigarettes can leave stains all over your teeth, even after whitening. This touch-up package ensures that your teeth stay white, and helps to prevent further stains from developing.

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