Mother’s Day has come and gone, with spring following closely behind. Summer will be here soon, and along with the hot weather and long days comes Father’s Day. Have you given any thought to a gift yet? Finding the ideal gift for your father can be a very daunting task. Let’s face it, dads are hard to shop for. What could you possibly get him that will make this Father’s Day unforgettable?

How about some cosmetic dentistry from Plano Smile Studio?

A new smile for dad this Father’s Day will be something that he uses every day, and will make every day a brighter one. A new tie will just go in the closet. A new lawn mower will go in the shed. But he won’t hide away his wonderful new smile. So, bring your dad into our office in Plano, TX, and we will see what cosmetic dentistry option is best for him.

Teeth Whitening

The most common form of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. Even if your dad has taken great care of his teeth over the years, simple aging will darken his smile a few shades. Add any bad habits, like smoking or drinking too much coffee, to the mix, and odds are he could use some teeth whitening.

When you bring your dad into Plano Smile Studio, we will first examine his teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy enough for our whitening procedure. If he has any tooth decay or gum disease, that will have to be treated first. Once your father’s oral health is decided to be strong enough, we will make an impression of his teeth, which we will use to build custom whitening trays. These will make sure that the whitening gel is spread evenly over your father’s teeth, for safe and effective dental bleaching.

Porcelain Veneers

If your dad’s teeth are severely stained, or chipped and unevenly spaced, then porcelain veneers could solve his problem. This cosmetic solution uses thin tooth shaped shells to cover the front of your teeth. They look and feel natural, and they will create a beautiful, and bright smile for your father.

Porcelain veneers can cover a variety of cosmetic issues, including severely discolored teeth, broken and chipped teeth, unevenly spaced teeth, and even crooked teeth. They are are especially useful if you someone has multiple cosmetic issues. Instead of undergoing several procedures, porcelain veneers can solve your dad’s cosmetic dental issues with one solution.

Adult Orthodontics

Don’t let crooked teeth keep your dad from smiling. Plano Smile Studio can align his teeth without using the metal and wire brackets that are commonly associated with orthodontics. Many adults are turned off by the notion of teeth alignment because the idea of having shing metal braces seems worse than the crooked teeth. After all, how can an adult expect to be taken seriously when his teeth look like they are still in middle school.

Bring your father to our office in Plano, and we can fix his smile with Invisalign Invisible Braces. This cosmetic solution will gradually move your father’s teeth into alignment without the uncomfortable and unsightly metal braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that fit over your teeth, similar to a retainer, and gently nudge your teeth into place. Your father will change aligner every few weeks until his smile is straight. And best of all, the Invisalign aligners are clear, so they are nearly invisible. They are also fully removable, so they easy to clean, You can’t say that about old fashioned braces.

Bring Your Dad to Office in Plano, TX
Make this year’s Father’s Day gift one that will last for years to come. A new smile from Plano Smile Studio will brighten his days to come.
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