Tooth loss can be a traumatic experience for people of any age. The quicker the dentist is able to rehabilitate the patient, the faster the patient will be able to return to his/her normal life. Dental implants were a huge step forward for patients wanting a fixed solution to their lost teeth. The duration of treatment (up to 18 months in some cases) needed with conventional implant therapy prevents many people from seeking this form of treatment. In the absence of sufficient bone support bone grafts may be required to support conventional dental implants.

To provide an alternative solution to these problems implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare, along with celebrated implant dentist Paulo Malo devised a technique that uses fewer dental implants without the need for bone graft surgery. Highly esthetic results can be achieved in the shortest time possible with this technique. This method is suited for patients who have lost most or all of their teeth.

The technique called All-on-4 utilizes four dental implants that are angled to achieve maximum support from the bone. Four implants are placed strategically in each jaw to support a fixed bridge. You can receive your full set of new teeth in one appointment; therefore this procedure is also called ‘teeth in a day’.

You can start chewing on your newly received teeth immediately after placement. In certain cases 4-6 implants maybe needed in your upper arch. The dentist will use your first visit to ensure you are a candidate for the All-on-4 procedure and conduct a thorough examination. X-rays and CT scans are needed to complete the evaluation. You receive your new permanent fixed teeth on the day of the procedure, without the need for temporaries. You can visit your Dallas implant dentist in the morning and leave with a set of new teeth the same day.