Are you living with dentures that you hate? It’s time to upgrade. Call your Plano, TX dentist to learn more about dental implants today.

At Plano Smile Studio, we believe that if a tooth can be saved, it should be. But sometimes that just can’t happen. Sometimes the tooth just falls out or it needs to be extracted. If that happens, we’re here to help.

The Ups And Downs Of Dentures

Implants are sometimes used as an alternative to dentures. Sometimes, they are even used to support dentures! However if you are currently living with dentures that you hate, implants can be the solution. Implants can help you be comfortable and confident.

The problem with dentures is that they aren’t a permanent part of your mouth. They only sit upon your gums and jaw bone. There are two major problems with this:

Pain. Sometimes, dentures just aren’t fitted correctly. But you shouldn’t have to live with it! Ill-fitting dentures often slip and slide in your mouth, rubbing your gums raw. To have to constantly adjust your teeth is a major pain – figuratively and literally! Implant eliminate the possibility of slipping and rubbing, as they are fixed permanently in place.

Inconvenience. Even if your dentures ARE fitted correctly, you still have to be careful about what you eat! Because dentures aren’t fixed permanently to your jaw, the dental adhesive that holds the dentures in place can come loose while enjoying a meal. Eating something sticky or difficult to chew is downright impossible. Implants provide a sturdy, stable replacement of your natural teeth, allowing you to eat whatever you want.

While dentures are a less-invasive and potentially more cost-effective option, implants are an investment in the health of your mouth and overall well-being. In addition to helping your mouth stay as healthy as possible, implants can give you the confidence and comfort of having your natural teeth. They are even just as easy to clean as your natural teeth! No soaking your dentures to rid them of bacteria, no more messy adhesive – just brush your implants like normal.

It’s about time that we tell you more about how dentures work.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a substitute for your natural teeth, just like dentures. But unlike dentures, they reside in your gums, just like your natural teeth! Implants are made up of three separate pieces.

The implant is a metal piece that is attached to your jaw bone. It is surgically inserted into your gum and becomes a permanent part of your mouth.

After that, a crown (an artificial tooth) is attached to the abutment or post. That post is then screwed into the implant that has been placed in your gum.

It is a fairly simple process to undergo. Sometimes an implant can be placed in just one visit – other times it may take a few months. The length of time required is dependent upon the complexity of your specific situation. Regardless of how long it takes, you can rest assured that we will make sure you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

Dental implants look and act just like your natural teeth. They are custom made to fit your mouth, so they will blend right in with your existing teeth. In addition to looking great, they have almost the entire chewing power of your natural teeth. So, unlike with dentures, you will be able to eat whatever you want!

AND because they are placed directly into your gums and fused with the bone, they help to prevent bone loss! When you are missing teeth, your jaw bone begins to deteriorate. By investing in implants, you are investing in the long term health of your entire mouth.

Implants are a simple, permanent replacement for your natural teeth. Whether you need just one or a whole mouth-full, we can make sure you have teeth that look and feel natural. We want to help you live your life to the fullest.

What We Can Do For You

At Plano Smile Studio, we can help you determine if dental implants are right for you. We won’t pressure you into making a decision that doesn’t work for your situation. Call our office today at [phone_number] or use the form on our contact page to schedule an appointment. We’d love to help you achieve a happier, more comfortable smile.