Your dental implants have done you a lot of good. First of all, they allow your artificial teeth to stay firmly inside your mouth, saving you the trouble of having to compromise your oral health with adhesives. Secondly, they enable your artificial teeth to function as if they were your original teeth, granting you the privilege to eat your food and converse with different people like you normally would. Aside from that, they provide your jawbone with the stimulation that prevents it from deteriorating, greatly decreasing your chances of ending up with an aged appearance. Therefore, you should take it upon yourself to keep your dental implants out of harm’s way.

To help you ensure your dental implants’ safety, we have outlined a few tips:

• Clean your teeth consistently. When you brush and floss your teeth consistently, you can get rid of the bacteria that are capable of damaging the soft and hard tissues that keep your dental implants from dropping out of your mouth.
• See to it that your toothpaste doesn’t contain any abrasive ingredients. You’re more than likely to wear your dental implants down by brushing your teeth with abrasive toothpaste.
• Try cleaning your teeth with other products. You can strengthen your dental implants’ defense against bacteria using other products such as oral irrigators, floss threaders, and interproximal brushes.
• Don’t consume anything hot without letting it cool down. Just like bacteria, the heat from hot foods and beverages can also destroy the tissues that are responsible for stabilizing your dental implants. Thus, you shouldn’t consume anything that’s too hot.
• Refrain from using your teeth to untie ropes and open packages. This makes it possible for your dental implants to remain stable.
• Schedule dental visits on a regular basis. It’s imperative that you regularly schedule dental visits as your Plano dentist can effectively eliminate bacteria from your dental implants and find out if you have a condition that can jeopardize them.

If you want to know more tips on ensuring your dental implants’ safety, you may visit us here at Plano Smile Studio or give us a call any time.