I’m Afraid Of The Dentist 
Many Americans fear going to the dentist, and some postpone treatment until absolutely necessary. Common reasons are fear of the sounds and smells in the dental clinic, and fear of pain. We understand your anxiety about dental work, and how it can be daunting to show up for a routine checkup, let alone a complicated procedure like dental implant surgery. This is why Plano dentist Dr. Hucklebridge designed our office to be a stress-free zone where you can get treated in complete comfort. Here’s how we make every visit pleasant:

Spa Atmosphere
We are not your typical dental clinic. From the moment you step into our smile studio, you’ll notice the difference: relaxing Zen design, soothing music, soft mood lighting, state-of-the-art operatories and other amenities dedicated to your comfort. Our warm, friendly staff members make every appointment worry-free. Our “one patient at a time” policy ensures that you receive personalized, exceptional dental care.

Sedation Dentistry
Your Plano dentist offers sedation dentistry to help anxious patients reach an ultimate level of comfort. Dr. Hucklebridge will give you a mild sedative pill (oral sedation) about 30 minutes before your procedure. It will make you relax and forget about your fears. Some patients fall asleep, but they are conscious and easily awakened by the dentist.

Stringent Infection Control
Our number one goal is your safety. We use the latest infection control and sterilization techniques including daily water line sterilization, the use of disposable items, special waste containers, and frequent hand washing.

Advanced Technology
We aim to give you the most comfortable experience through sophisticated treatment methods. Cutting-edge procedures and the latest technology mean precise treatment planning and virtually painless procedures.

Say goodbye to painful procedures and dental anxiety. Schedule a consultation with your Plano dentist by calling 972-398-2550 or using our contact us  form.