For patients who are particularly nervous or anxious about dental treatment, sedation dentistry can be an effective option. With sedation, dental anxiety can be transformed into soothing, peaceful relaxation. Your sedation dentist has been specially trained to provide you with widely accepted and safe relaxation techniques, appropriate for both children and adults.

The advantages of sedation dentistry are well-documented. Commonly prescribed medications are used to calm patients and ease tension. Within minutes of administration, your stress will be transformed into a sensation of relaxation. Your depth of sedation can be adjusted easily to achieve your optimal level of relaxation.

These safe and highly effective methods have helped millions of people overcome their anxieties about dental treatment. Dental anxiety, also referred to as dental phobia, is a very real feeling of fear and stress that can prevent many patients from seeking necessary dental treatment. By failing to receive regular dental treatment, issues such as periodontal disease and cavities can progress into true dental emergencies. At this point, pain may be involved, and the level of anxiety is heightened.

Unaddressed dental diseases can also have an undesired impact on your overall health. When periodontal disease becomes advanced, diabetic patients may notice uncontrollable changes in the blood sugar levels. Chronic infections of the gums and teeth can also trigger an increase in the chances for coronary heart disease and stroke.

Prior to your dental appointment with sedation, it is important to discuss the elements that most often trigger your anxiety. For some patients, the thought of receiving unwelcome news at the dental appointment is a major deterrent. For other patients, the sounds, tastes and smells in the dental office may be frightening or distressing. Many patients can recall traumatizing past experiences in the dental office. The possibility of experiencing vulnerability, pain, or intimidation is powerful enough to discourage even the most rational adult patient.

Our sedation dentist in Plano is a skilled practitioner who understands that your dental needs can be addressed in a safe and comfortable manner. Don’t postpone your dental health concerns any longer. Why not schedule your visit today? It may be just the solution that you’ve been waiting for.