We all have moments of bad breath; that is completely normal. However, some patients spend most of their days fighting bad breath with every kind of product they can think of. Halitosis, which is another word for chronic bad breath, is often caused by bacteria in your mouth. If that sounds like you, you might try some of these tips below to clear the bacteria and try to get a healthier mouth!

Floss Often – Bacteria hiding between your teeth could be a cause of your bad breath. Floss at least twice a day to remove that bacteria.

Use a Tongue Scraper – Another hiding place for bacteria is the surface of the tongue. Patients often forget to brush the tongue, and we recommend taking it a step further with a tongue scraper.

Use Antiseptic Rinse – Don’t waste your time with cosmetic rinses. Get a mouth rinse that has the antiseptic or antibacterial label on the bottle to kill germs.

Drink More Water – Keeping your mouth hydrated produces more saliva. One of the main jobs of saliva is to remove bacteria from the mouth.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum – When you are feeling an episode of bad breath, reach for a sugar-free mint or gum that will freshen your breath without filling your mouth with sugar.

Halitosis is definitely a social interaction buster. No one enjoys being around someone with bad breath, but with a few tricks, you can take care of it. If these tips don’t work, chances are good that you’ll need some sort of dental work. Contact us today to find out what could be causing your halitosis. We can’t wait to help you solve the mystery!