Keeping your teeth in perfect physical condition is your number one priority. Why won’t it be? When your pearly whites look aesthetically pleasing, you don’t have to hesitate to attend fun social events. Moreover, you can smile at your friends and special someone without having to worry about possibly triggering a negative reaction from them. In addition to that, you can confidently share your ideas during business meetings. The bad news is uncontrollable factors such as your age and genes can make your teeth susceptible to discoloration. Fortunately, your Plano dentist can rid you of discolored teeth with the aid of veneers.

To obtain adequate knowledge on veneers, you may refer to the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on them below.

• Aside from discolored teeth, what other cosmetic dental problems do veneers treat?
Veneers also treat chipped, worn down, and misaligned teeth.
• How many dental appointments does receiving a veneer entail?
Receiving a conventional veneer entails three dental appointments.
• Do I need to get a temporary veneer while waiting for the dental laboratory to finish creating the permanent veneer?
It depends on the overall appearance of your prepared tooth. If your prepared tooth doesn’t look too different from the rest of your teeth, you no longer require a temporary veneer. However, if your prepared tooth stands out, you need to get a temporary veneer.
• What benefits do veneers offer?
Veneers don’t put your dental health in jeopardy since your dentist can connect them to your affected teeth by shaving off only a small portion of those teeth’s enamel. Furthermore, veneers don’t stain easily.
• How long do veneers last?
Veneers are capable of lasting for five to ten years.
• How do I take care of veneers?

You can take care of veneers by maintaining good oral habits and eliminating stain-causing foods and beverages from your diet.
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