The new school year is waiting on our doorstep, but we still have so much to do! This season is one of scrambling to enjoy the last days of summer while also preparing our students to go back to school. In the midst of that hustle and bustle, make sure you add a visit to the dentist to your list of things to do! A dental check up is a great way to start the school year, and we’d love to make sure your student has a confident smile when he hits the hallways!

Does Your Teen Need A Boost of Confidence?

We see a lot of teenagers who are discovering the ruthless nature of the middle/high school hallways. Don’t be surprised if your teen is suddenly self-conscious of his crooked smile. Come on in to see us, and we’ll discuss options like Invisalign Teen to get your teen’s smile in great shape!

Does Your Child Have More Cavities Than Swiss Cheese?

School-age children tend to have more cavities than any other age group. It’s a combination of eating habits and poor oral hygiene skills. Help you student establish good habits, and bring her in to discuss possible solutions, like dental sealants or 3-month appointments.

Is Dental Care a Priority in Your House?

This is a tough one, but if your students are rushing to brush their teeth, or not taking the time to floss, you need to work on prioritizing. Create a routine that gives them ample time to take care of their teeth, and enforce it! You’ll thank yourself later, and so will they!

Get your child on the right foot by ensuring that he has a smile he can be proud of! We are here at Plano Smile Studio to assist you in whatever way we can! Contact us today to set up an appointment for your student. Bring along any questions or concerns that you might have, and we’ll help you get it figured out!