The way dental work is portrayed in the movies is kind of hilarious, if you are a dentist. We know how incredibly off-kilter some of those portrayals really are! The problem is that not all eyes on the screen know just how ridiculous those scenes can be! Granted, we’ve heard some pretty terrible dentist stories from patients, but with advances in sedation dentistry, we expect those stories to fall by the wayside. Now, we have patients who literally fall asleep in our chair because they are so comfortable during their dental procedure! If going to the dentist has you shaking in your boots, consider how a dental experience could go!

Imagine that about half an hour before your appointment, you swallow a mild, prescribed sedative. You arrive for your appointment (driven by a friend, of course), and are already feeling very relaxed as you read a magazine before the dentist walks in. The procedure begins, and you simply stretch out and close your eyes for a minute. When you come to, the dentist smiles and says that you did great! Your procedure is complete, and all you feel is rested!

This is How Dentistry Can Work

There is nothing stopping you from having that experience in reality! Fear keeps half of American adults from getting the dental care that they need when they need it. As a result, we have huge numbers of adults with massive dental problems who will probably end up losing their teeth because they let fear trump their oral health! It’s a scenario that makes no sense when we know what we can offer our patients here in the office.
If you’re to stop letting fear dictate your dental care, it’s time to give us a call! Sedation dentistry will absolutely change the way you think about your oral health. You will be ready to get the care you need without that lingering fear that you will feel or see something terrifying. All we need is one opportunity to show you what we can do! Contact us today to set up your appointment, and let us show you how peaceful dentistry can be!