Many people make sure they are prepared for medical emergencies, but few consider the importance of being prepared for a dental emergency. Dental emergencies do happen, and being prepared and knowing what to do can make the difference between losing a tooth and being able to preserve that tooth.

It is particularly important to be prepared for dental emergencies if you have crowns, fillings, bridges or dentures. Small children are also more prone to dental emergencies.

One way to prepare for a possible emergency is to have a first aid kit ready. This kit can be included with your standard medical first aid kit, but should be constructed specifically to deal with dental issues. Basic contents could include:

• Ibuprofen
• Orajel
• Gauze
• A small cup
• Mouthwash, preferably salt-based
• A small container with a lid
• Toothpaste

These basic items will help you manage pain due to a dental injury, stop bleeding, and even preserve a dislodged tooth, crown or filling so you can bring it to your dentist. A lost tooth can be held in a cup filled with milk or warm water, while a dislodged filling or crown can be placed in a small container with a lid. Gauze and salt water mouthwash are useful to cleanse the mouth and stop bleeding. Also important to include are the phone numbers of your local dentist. If you are traveling, add phone numbers of dentists in the area where you are going.

By taking these precautions, you can always be prepared in case of a dental emergency. And, of course, be sure to call your Plano dentist as soon as possible to receive the best follow-up and long term care.