If you were to play a word association game, you would find that many people associate the word “dentist” with the words “pain” and “fear.” It’s a common problem in our society. In fact, fear keeps about a quarter of Americans home from the dentist each year! These folks could really benefit from the use of sedation dentistry.

The thought boggles our minds. Of course, any sort of medical treatment can be scary or nerve-wracking, but if you need treatment, you need treatment! You are already in pain and discomfort, and we can help!

Even so, many patients will wait until they cannot stand the pain any longer before coming into the office for treatment. We want to put an end to that because we know the value of a healthy smile. We know the value of a beautiful smile, and we want you to experience all of the confidence that comes with it!

The Dental Experience Before Sedation

A lot of the fear that you might be feeling comes from a rough history of dentistry. You might have seen movies or television shows that dramatized what it was like for patients to undergo dental procedures in centuries past. It wasn’t very pretty!

The bad reputation stuck. People who have never been to the dentist already fear the office based on what they have seen or heard from others, but dentistry has changed a lot in the past decades. Walking into a dental office now is a completely different experience from even 10 years ago! So even if you genuinely have had a terrible dental experience during your lifetime, don’t let it keep you from trying again at a better, more equipped office!

Prioritize Your Comfort for Your Next Appointment!

At your next dental appointment, we want to see you prioritize your comfort. We will be doing the same! We are here to make sure that you walk out of the office smiling! We do that with our fantastic staff, our gentle approach to dentistry, and our use of sedation dentistry!

Nitrous Oxide

The most common form of sedation is nitrous oxide. You might know it as laughing gas. We can administer laughing gas through a mask as you sit in our patient chair. You will feel an immediate release of tension, but you will still be aware of what is going on around you.

This is a fantastic option for patients who have mild to moderate anxiety. As soon as your procedure is complete and the mask removed, the effects of the sedation will wear off. You’ll be ready to go tackle the rest of your day with a smile on your face!

Oral Conscious Sedation

A second, more potent form of sedation is oral conscious sedation. This method actually allows you to begin your relaxation before you even arrive at the office! We will prescribe a pill for you to take about an hour before your procedure. You’ll ask someone to drive you to and from the office. Once you’re here, we will take you back and get to work!

Many patients who use this form of sedation are able to take a little catnap while we work. Others stay awake. In either case, you are generally aware of what is going on around you and are able to answer questions, but your body is completely free of anxiety and fear.

Comfort Means Better Health

Sedation is important because once you realize that you can have quality dental care while in complete comfort, you won’t be nearly as afraid to come in for your routine appointments! Coming in more often means better overall health! You no longer have anything to fear.

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