Symmetry is essential to a smile’s attractiveness. Even a single tooth that results in asymmetry can have a negative effect on the appearance.

Do you have one oddly shaped or undersized tooth that detracts from the rest of your smile? Regardless of whether you have a tooth that was damaged by trauma or one with an unusual shape due to genetics, veneers can help improve the appearance of the tooth and, by extension, your entire smile.

Veneers are thin tooth-shaped shells made of porcelain or resin that are bonded to the top of the natural teeth. Dr. John M. Hucklebridge, your cosmetic Plano dentist, can place a veneer to extend or reshape a tooth so that it blends better with the rest of the teeth.

In many cases, a single misshapen or undersized tooth is the main problem, but in other cases, several teeth may have unusual shapes. Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist can use veneers on as many teeth as necessary.

Veneers are placed in a two-step process. At the first appointment, the dentist removes a thin layer of enamel from the tooth to accommodate the veneer. The cosmetic dentist will also take impressions of the tooth that will be sent to the dental laboratory tasked with constructing the veneer.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the initial appointment, the veneers will be ready for placement. The cosmetic dentist makes any additional necessary adjustments to the veneer’s shade and shape and then bonds the veneer to the tooth.

Adult patients whose teeth have been recently altered in shape should have a dentist look into the cause. Patients who grind their teeth, a condition known as bruxism, will need additional interventions to protect their veneers as well as their natural teeth. These patients will need to wear a custom-crafted mouthguard at night to reduce the damage brought on by bruxism.

Cosmetic dentists may also use other techniques, such as crowns, bonding or onlays to correct a misshapen tooth. If a misshapen tooth has been a drag on your smile and your self-confidence, contact Plano Smile Studio at 972-398-2550 to see what solutions may be available and appropriate in your case.