Your smile contributes to a major part of your personality. When you feel that your smile is not ideal, it can really hold you back from enjoying life. You will find that laughing and smiling are not pleasurable, and your self-esteem eventually suffers.

There are many roadblocks that can prevent you from seeking the cosmetic treatment that you desire. Financial concerns and busy lifestyles may lead you to place your cosmetic needs on the back burner. In addition to these obstacles, fear and anxiety may very well be the most common roadblocks on the path to obtaining the smile of your dreams.

Dental anxiety, or dental phobia, is a reality for many patients. A heightened physical and emotional response to various factors associated with dental offices and staff can deter patients who would otherwise seek care. The fear of possible discomfort, fear of dentists in “white coats”, an aversion to the sounds and smells of dentistry, or memories of previous traumatic experiences are all contributing factors.

Fortunately, you no longer have to accept defeat in the battle against your anxiety. Times and technology have changed dramatically, pushing our skills to great heights. When you have made the decision to pursue cosmetic dentistry, we can apply those same skills and techniques to help conquer your anxiety.

With the use of sedation, your cosmetic dentist can create a customized, beautiful smile as you enjoy a peaceful state of relaxation. For us, your comfort and peace of mind are just as important as the smile that we create. Within minutes of administration, your stress can be transformed into a feeling of soothing relaxation. Sedation dentistry is a safe and highly effective method of patient relaxation that has helped millions of people overcome their anxieties about dental treatment.

You should feel confident and excited about treating yourself to cosmetic dental procedures. Allowing yourself to feel relaxed and safe during your treatment can only enhance your overall experience and lead to a beautiful, natural result. Don’t hesitate to discuss the possibility of sedation with your cosmetic dentist in Plano today.