Does even the thought of dental work make you jittery? If yes, then you are not alone. Thousands of people put off or forego much needed dental services due to dental anxiety. Dental treatment can be a high stress situation and can trigger significant anxiety levels in many, a huge detriment to getting optimal dental care, especially treatment that involves oral surgery. Avoiding timely dental treatment often results in neglect of your health and can lead to compromises in appearance, chewing function and even jaw problems.

Sedation dentistry is a great option in such situations. Using modern pharmacological aids, sedation dentistry aims to make the dental experience totally stress free – it’s actually as if you sleep through your dental work! Sedation dentistry is specially suited to those with significant dental anxiety (including children) or when a prolonged procedure is anticipated, such as dental implant, periodontal or third molar surgeries, which can cause fatigue.

Sedation is a relaxed, easy, tranquillized state of mind, produced while being conscious. Various routes can be used to administer sedative drugs. The most popular method is oral sedatives; swallowing a sedative drug before the procedure. Once you’re comfortable and sedated, the local anaesthetic injection is administered. Oral sedatives are usually preferred when a light sedation is required.

For deeper sedation, an almost sleep like state, intravenous sedatives are preferred. IV sedatives are very safe, and can be used by a specially trained sedation dentist. Although you do not actually sleep through the treatment, are conscious and can respond to instructions, you will have little memory of the dental sitting. A treatment that took an hour can seem like a few minutes! Other sedation options include laughing gas or nitrous oxide, which can be inhaled.

Sedation dentistry is safely and effectively practiced in the dental office and does not have any side effects. It is however important to expect to feel sleepy later and have someone to drive you home. Call us to learn more about sedation dentistry in Dallas.