I did not want to smile. Whether I was working or if I was just amongst friends. I had had some veneers done in New York City when they were first becoming known, they started to stain many years later and that’s when I came upon finding Dr. Hucklebridge and asking him to fix the problem. It wasn’t until he actually removed the veneer that I then learned that it was a synthetic veneer and not a porcelain veneer.
What Dr. Hucklebridge did for me really opened up a lot more for me in my field of work. He educated me which I was impressed with, because like all of us when we walk through the door, you’re not supposed to know this field, that’s why you come here. I base a lot of what I do off character, and I can’t really say enough about Dr. Hucklebridge’s character which is why when I leave here I share his business with people.