The teeth and gums of your Golden Years are far different from those of your grade school days. At each stage in your life, your dental needs are unique. The steps that are required to care for those needs can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of your Plano dentist, Dr. John M. Hucklebridge.

With a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease, and an abundance of available educational information, Dr. Hucklebridge may be your best healthcare resource. Today, it is reasonable to expect to maintain a healthy smile throughout your lifetime. There is no reason to expect tooth loss to be a part of your destiny.

For adults, brushing and flossing after meals should still be an integral part of your daily routine. Foods that may collect around the gumline and between the teeth can contribute to gum disease and cavities. Mature adults should also monitor their diets for foods and drinks that can increase the risk for tooth decay and tooth sensitivity.

As you age, protecting your enamel can be a daily challenge. Acidic beverages such as fruit juices and red wines can erode the enamel. Even digestive conditions like acid reflux and GERD have been linked to weakened enamel.

A lifetime of aggressive brushing causes damage that can be identified in the form of abrasive lesions and gum recession. When clenching and grinding of the teeth have been an issue, fractured enamel near the gumline and flattened teeth can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Often, the status of your overall health can influence your risk for gum disease. Uncontrolled cardiovascular disease and diabetes can contribute to advanced periodontal disease. Complex dental restorations such as bridges and partials can increase your risk for gum disease if food tends to become caught between the teeth.

Many of the dental conditions that arise in the retirement years are a result of the cumulative effect of the dental care that you have received throughout your lifetime. If you desire to maintain healthy teeth and gums in this phase of your life, please schedule your next visit right away.