Your teeth are very valuable to you. Why won’t they be? With your teeth intact and reasonably attractive, you don’t have to concern yourself with other people’s comments about your appearance every time you smile, speak, and laugh. You also have the freedom to indulge on on your favorite food. Aside from that, you get to keep a well-shaped face because of the support to the cheeks and lips that your teeth provide. But more importantly, you don’t need to make a conscious effort to search for potential tooth replacement options. Therefore, you should do whatever it takes to keep your pearly whites inside your mouth your entire life.

To help you make your teeth last for a lifetime, we have enumerated a few tips that you may adhere to:

• Turn brushing, flossing, and rinsing into routine activities. When you make brushing, flossing, and rinsing routine activities, you have a good chance of eliminating the bacteria which are capable of destroying the soft and hard tissues that support your teeth.
• Drink fluoridated water. Fluoride makes you less susceptible to tooth decay, a condition that can lead to tooth loss. Thus, it’s advisable for you to drink water that contains fluoride.
• Invest on a mouth guard. This helps cushion blows to your teeth whenever you participate in highly physical sports such as basketball, football, and soccer.
• Deprive yourself of cigarettes. Smoking can make it more likely for you to suffer from periodontal disease, another condition that can cause you to lose your teeth.
• Don’t let your sweet tooth get the better of you. It’s imperative that you abstain from foods and beverages that contain sugar as sugar aids in triggering tooth decay.
• Stick to a diet that consists of whole foods. Eating whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts makes your teeth much stronger.
• Visit your Plano dentist as often as you can. This gives your dentist a chance to clean the portions of your teeth that you may not have thoroughly brushed and flossed.

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