Patients come to us from all over Plano, TX and the surrounding area to get fantastic dental care for the entire family. We offer solutions that are unique and completely beneficial to you: our patients!

When it comes to something like dentures, we want our patients to know first and foremost that we are behind you every step of this journey. We place dentures, and we believe that for some patients, dentures are the best solution.

However, that isn’t the case for all patients. In fact, most patients benefit from a more stable and secure solution. Dental implants offer a major improvement over dentures, and we would love to take time today to explain exactly why that is!

Let’s take a look at the real problem with dentures, why they remain popular, and what you can do to improve your denture experience.

Why Are Dentures Slippery?

The most common complaint about dentures is that they are slippery! Slippery dentures means that your teeth just won’t stay in place! You can use denture adhesive, but you’ll never actually feel like your dentures are supposed to be a part of your mouth. Why is that?

Loss of Bone

When you lose your natural teeth, your jawbone no longer has a reason to supply a foundation. Just as the roots of trees and plants keep soil from eroding, the roots of your teeth keep your jawbone from losing mass and fading away.

Your dentures are made to fit your gums and jawbone structure, so when your jawbone fades, your dentures become loose. You can have them adjusted, but it is a lifelong process to keep a good fit for your dentures.

No Real Stability

The result of a loss of bone density is that you have no real stability. Your dentures slip and slide and get lifted off of your gums. You can’t even enjoy the food you can eat because your teeth won’t allow it. As a result, your body suffers from poor nutrition, and your health declines. All as a result of your dentures’ lack of stability!

Why Do So Many People Wear Them?

If what we say is true, why do so many people still purchase and wear dentures? There are few factors working here that we would like to hit. Most have to deal with the fact that people just don’t know any better!

Don’t Know Other Options: If you don’t know that there are better options than dentures, why would you look for them? Most dental offices in the country only offer dentures as a total restoration option. If you don’t see the alternatives, you won’t know to ask for them!

Familiarity: If everyone you know wears dentures, why would you not also wear dentures? We are creatures of habit. So when your parents, family members, neighbors, and friends are all wearing dentures, you probably will as well.

Easy Cost: Even for patients who know of the alternatives, the prices of dentures is very attractive. Patients don’t realize the future costs of purchasing more dentures, having poor health, being uncomfortable, etc. They only see that initial price tag and look no further.

Implant Retained Dentures

The good news is that there ARE other options and through education, more and more people are turning to dental implants for their smile restorations. There are many benefits to this decision, but we would like to highlight three of our favorite reasons to choose implant retained dentures over traditional dentures.

Save Your Bone

As we mentioned earlier, the jawbone needs something to hold it in place. Dental implants offer just that! The implant is placed directly into the bone, and the bone actually fuses with the titanium implant through a process called osseointegration. Your bone will remain stable, and your profile will retain its youthful look!

Eat What You Want

Never pass on your favorite foods because of your teeth again! Implant retained dentures hold your teeth securely in place so that you can chew and enjoy your food once more! The immediate improvement will be obvious to you! Your nutrition doesn’t have to suffer just because you are wearing dentures!

Feel Confident

You’ll never have to worry about your dentures slipping out of your mouth, your smile being crooked, or having an embarrassing moment while you chew your food. Implant retained dentures make all the difference for your confidence level! You’ll feel like you finally have your smile back, and nothing is better than that!

Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment where you can learn more about implant retained dentures. We would LOVE to help you get the smile you’ve been missing.