When self-help practices alone are unable to take your dental fears out of your system, asking your Plano dentist to administer oral sedation on you seems like a wonderful idea. For one, you don’t have to go through any difficulty to achieve sedation as you only need to swallow an oral sedative at least one hour before undergoing your procedure. Secondly, you have the luxury of receiving the necessary dental treatment in a very comfortable manner since the oral sedative can put you in a deep state of relaxation.

Below are a few guidelines to think about:

Before you’re put under oral sedation:

• Deprive yourself of herbal supplements and natural remedies. Herbal supplements and natural remedies contain chemicals that are capable of negatively altering the prescribed oral sedative’s effectiveness.
• Ask someone to be your companion on your big day. You’ll still be under the influence of the oral sedative even after your procedure. Therefore, it’s advisable for you to take someone who can assist you on your journey back home with you on your big day.
• Control the urge to eat or drink anything six hours before your procedure. Keeping your stomach
empty prior to undergoing oral sedation prevents you from regurgitating.
After you’re put under oral sedation:
• Refrain from taking heavy meals. Taking heavy meals immediately after your procedure can increase your chances of developing an upset stomach and vomiting.
• Get as much rest as you can. This allows you to regain your strength faster.

For additional guidelines on conquering oral sedation, you may book a consultation with us by calling us.