When you are faced with the need for restorative dental care, you can really appreciate the wide range of available treatment options. Your smile is unique and your dental restorations should reflect that quality at all times.

Rather than recommend “cookie cutter” restorations, or “one size fits all” treatment, your cosmetic dentist in Plano will explore the available options to recommend the treatment that is most ideal for you.

When a small cavity or area of tooth decay has been diagnosed, a simple filling may be a sufficient treatment option. Silver (or amalgam) fillings, though very strong do not provide the best esthetic result. Resin or tooth-colored filling material may be selected to restore your tooth as well as provide a more attractive final result.

When larger portions of the tooth need to be restored, or when strength is a concern, a porcelain inlay may be the best choice. A porcelain inlay is a single, homogenous restoration that is designed to fit into a prepared space in a given tooth. The restoration is permanently bonded into place and blends naturally with the shade of your enamel.

Your cosmetic dentist may recommend a porcelain onlay when a larger surface of the tooth must be restored. An onlay provides a stronger level of protection for your tooth and is more conservative than a full crown. Esthetically, the onlay is virtually indistinguishable from your natural tooth. Similar to an inlay, the onlay is permanently cemented into place for lasting durability.

By choosing a porcelain restoration, your cosmetic dentist shows that both your functional needs and your cosmetic needs are high priorities. The porcelain that is used for dental restorations is strong enough to endure conditions in the oral environment such as moisture, temperature changes, and biting forces. With porcelain, there is almost no risk of allergy, and tooth sensitivity is dramatically reduced. At the same time, porcelain can be customized in terms of shading and anatomic details for a naturally appealing result.

Which cosmetic restorative option is best for you? Consult with our experienced cosmetic dentistry team at Plano Smile Studio for more information.