If it’s been a long time since you’ve had dental work performed; you might be nervous about visiting our office. Is it going to hurt? How will I have time to schedule multiple amounts when my time is already really limited?

We hear variations of those two questions a lot at Plano Smile Studio in Plano, TX. We want to help set your mind at ease. For that reason, we’re going to use today’s post in our dental health blog to talk a little about sedation dentistry.

If you’ve heard of sedation dentistry, you may know that it is designed to ease your fear and anxiety during your dental appointment. In addition, it keeps all of your dental appointments in a completely pain-free state. But an addition benefit you may not have realized is that sedation dentistry, can also save you a lot of time.

Sedation Dentistry and Your Busy Schedule

Sedation dentistry really isn’t just about reducing pain or patient anxiety. Although, those are also great benefits of sedation dentistry; and the importance of sedation dentistry in those aspects shouldn’t be understated.

However, sedation dentistry is also a great option for another type of patient. Many of patients are busy working professionals and parents. Between family and work obligations, it can seem almost overwhelming to attempt to schedule one dental appointment. It’s downright nerve-wracking if you need to schedule two or three appointments for a certain procedure.

But sedation dentistry is helping us change all that at the Plano Smile Studio in Plano, TX. In the years prior to sedation dentistry; all dentists had to ease patient pain was a numbing agent. Granted, these numbing agents can be very helpful for reducing pain.

But numbing your mouth alone doesn’t keep you from the other aspects of the work. You can still see, hear, and experience the dental work that’s being performed on you. This forced many patients to need to take breaks. It was simply too overwhelming to sit in a dental chair for hours at a time. This often lead to complex procedures being spread out over several appointments.

But sedation dentistry has truly helped to change all of that. We no longer need to break up complex procedures into multiple appointments. With sedation dentistry, a patient can be in a nap-like state while we work. This both eases stress and allows us to work uninterrupted.

Because we can work uninterrupted with sedation dentistry, we can save both your time and the cost of multiple appointments. At Plano Smile Studio, we just want to help make your life a little easier. We firmly believe sedation dentistry is an important aspect of that process.

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If you’re a busy working adult, we invite you to check-out how sedation dentistry can work with your schedule. Even if it’s been years since you visited the dentist, we can make the process quick, easy, and painless. Don’t delay another moment; click right here to schedule an appointment at the Plano Smile Studio in Plano, TX.