Dental phobia is a real and treatable condition. If you have had painful or frightening dental experiences in the past, they may have shaped your opinion of the care that you receive today. You may be very apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Interestingly, the fear of dental treatment exists on many levels. You may be afraid of feeling pain. You may feel claustrophobic when the doctor and assistants enter your “personal space”. Your distress may be linked to a strong gag reflex, which can be aggravated by strange instruments and materials in your mouth. You may simply have trouble allowing yourself to relax in the dental chair—especially if you lead a high paced and stressful life.

Whatever the underlying cause, you should not ignore your feelings. Nor should you allow yourself to be shamed into hiding your concerns. Today’s advancements in technology provide the tools necessary to overcome many obstacles, whether they are physical or emotional. When it comes to dental phobias, a well trained sedation dentist and staff can assist in relaxing as you receive the care that you need.

Dental sedatives have been used for many years to aid in pain control and relaxation. They are indeed a fantastic solution for the apprehensive patient, both child and adult.

Generally, sedation dentistry allows you to feel completely relaxed during your dental visit. You may feel as though you are asleep, and you should expect to experience little to no discomfort. Your dentist will closely monitor you, while performing your previously discussed treatment. From deep cleanings to crowns and bridges, all dental treatment can be completed while you are sedated.

Sedatives can be administered through various methods, according to the level of your anxiety and your medical history. For sedation dentistry in Plano, trust your dentist to customize your treatment plan and dosage in a safe and conservative manner. You owe it to yourself to seek the dental care that you need, and you deserve to receive that care in the safest and most comfortable setting available.