If you have ever experienced anxiety, fear, or even mild nervousness prior to a dental visit, then you are probably quite interested in the advantages of sedation dentistry. The ability to relax in the dental chair, and even snooze, while having your treatment completed, could completely transform your perception of dentistry.

Dr. John M. Hucklebridge, your dentist serving Plano TX, offers sedation dentistry to alleviate your concerns and to create a relaxing and comfortable environment for you. The sedation process has been proven to be safe, and the entire dental staff has the experience to care for you properly during your visit. However, it is still important that you know what to expect once your treatment has been completed.

Most patients will feel groggy and sleepy even after leaving the dental office. As with most commonly prescribed medications, it will take several hours for your body to metabolize the sedatives. For your safety, you will be advised to arrive with a responsible adult driver who can transport you from the dental office to your home.

Once arriving at home, you should refrain from driving or operating machinery, and you may feel inclined to sleep for a while. In fact, you should plan to relax at home for the remainder of the day or until you feel completely normal.

The exact length of time that is required to overcome the effects of the sedatives will depend upon several factors. Everyone metabolizes medications at slightly different rates, and that rate will be influenced by the amount of sedation that is required for your particular procedure. Prior to your treatment, Dr. Hucklebridge will review the plan for your sedation, including the type and dosage of the proposed medications.

Sedation dentistry enables millions of patients to receive the dental care that they need, and it proves that fear and anxiety can be overcome. Whether you are plagued by the lingering memory of a previously bad dental experience, or you are anticipating a lengthy and extensive procedure, it is important that you contact our skilled dental team to discuss your sedation options today.