For patients with severe dental anxiety, an appointment with our Plano sedation dentist can offer peace of mind.

With sedation dentistry, patients are in a deeply relaxed state, which helps them to overcome the worry associated with various dental procedures. Sedation dentistry offers maximum patient comfort.

In addition to being at ease during the appointment, most patients will have no recollection of the visit afterward. Patients are often attracted to this amnestic quality of sedation because they don’t have to worry about bad memories that may keep them out of the dental chair in the future.
A sedation dentist has many options for administering the anti-anxiety drugs used in the process. Patients who are skittish of needles can choose oral medications, while others who prefer a speedier effect from the drugs can go with IV sedatives. Oral medications will need to be taken a few hours in advance of the appointment to achieve the desired effect, and patients will need to have someone transport them to the office.

The sedation process differs from general anesthesia because patients remain conscious during the sedation. They are able to respond to the dentist’s commands throughout the appointment. Additionally, the airway is not compromised with sedation as it is with general anesthesia.

Patients are carefully monitored for signs of distress while under sedation, for an additional level of safety.

Sedation is not just for fearful patients, either. While under sedation, patients can endure longer sessions, so those facing a complex, time-consuming procedure, such as a smile makeover, can benefit from this technique, too.

Similarly, patients with strong gag reflexes can also benefit from sedation as a method for controlling that reaction.

It takes less time to recover from sedation than general anesthesia, but you still will not be able to drive yourself home after your dental appointment with sedation. Be sure to make arrangements for a responsible adult to escort you home.

Has dental fear kept you from getting the oral health care that you need? Consider sedation dentistry to help you get back into the dentist’s office for treatment. Contact Plano Smile Studio at 972-398-2550 to schedule your visit.