No matter what your cosmetic concerns may be, with today’s dental technology, there is a wide range of solutions for you. There are many advantages to improving your smile. Many patients feel that their confidence increases when they are able to display a smile that is healthy and appealing. It’s nice to know that you can cultivate a smile that reflects your real personality using the tools that your cosmetic dentist recommends.

Whether you are searching for a Plano whitening dentist, porcelain veneers, or dental implants, the smile that you are seeking is within your reach. It is often helpful to become familiar with some of the more commonly utilized cosmetic dental procedures, followed by a consultation with your dentist.

For a brighter, whiter smile, Zoom! teeth whitening is one of the safest and most effective whitening systems available. With the advantage of Zoom! technology, you can achieve a smile that is up to eight shades whiter in under an hour. Since no whitening method is permanent, you will also be provided with a professional strength whitening solution and a custom-fitted mouthpiece for periodic touch-ups at home.

Porcelain veneers are a fantastic way to improve multiple aspects of your smile at once. Thin, custom designed shells of porcelain are permanently bonded to the front teeth to create symmetry and beauty. Veneers can be used to conceal chipped or stained bonding, close spaces between the teeth, and even make teeth appear straighter. In addition, to shape and style, veneers can be fabricated in a new, whiter shade if you desire a brighter smile.

Sometimes, the key to a great smile is a full set of teeth. When teeth are missing, the gaps or spaces can create a distraction in your smile. Missing teeth can also cause the neighboring teeth to move out of position, contributing to crowding and poor alignment. Dental implants can permanently replace missing teeth with practically no impact on the surrounding teeth. The implant functions just like a natural tooth, with less maintenance and more stability than dentures or bridges.

Talk to Dr. John M. Hucklebridge, your teeth whitening dentist serving Plano TX, about the many options available to reveal your inner smile.